Step 4: Publicity and Marketing

You must set up an event page on the SU website using the online admin tools (all Society/Club execs can access these).  The event can then appear on the SU’s list of forthcoming events, and it provides a channel for people to buy their tickets online.

There are plenty of ways that the Students' Union can help you publicise your events.

All society and sports club promotional material (flyers, and posters etc.) must have the Students’ Union logo displayed on it. It must appear out of the tab and in the bottom right hand corner with no obstuctions around it. Please ensure you use with the grey version or black or white can also be used. If you have any questions about logo positioning, please email

SU Website

You can set up your own internal article to display to your members when they log in by following these steps:

1) Log into the SU website ( and click the ‘Admin’ (cogs) tab;
2) Select your society under ‘Organisations’ (you must be an exec member to do this);
3) Click on ‘News Admin’ and select ‘Add News Article’;
4) Upload all relevant content (images, event description etc) and save.

Note: please make sure the box marked ‘Allow Non-Members to Read’ has been unticked before you save your news article.

Social channels

Social media is a great way to get your message out there. You can advertise your event on your own society or sports social channels and also the Warwick Community Facebook group. The recommended size for artwork for Facebook is 1920 x 1080 px.

Piazza Big Screen

Please note that this is run by the University rather than the SU. Contact details, specifications and submission info can be found online HERE.

Student Media

Student Cinema

Offers publicity opportunities on either the big screen, their LCD screens or in their booklet. They are also happy to host joint screenings if arranged sufficiently far in advance. More information is available here.

The Boar Student Newspaper

Offers full, half and quarter page ads at hugely discounted prices to societies - starting at just £45. Email

Additionally if your society has done something noteworthy email and have an article published in the paper!

RaW 1251AM (Radio Warwick)

RaW, the student radio station, also offers on air advertising to clubs and societies. You can contact them at for details of special student rates.

SU Logo 

Please click here to download the Warwick SU logo. 

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