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Finance Forms

The three main Finance forms are:

  • Money Request (for any payments to companies, students or coaches) - if you need a guide to completing the form click here
  • Purchase Order Form (for quotations from companies who do not require payment immediately)
  • Sales Invoice Form (to receive money from a company for sponsorship, goods or any other services & want the money paid directly into your accounts)

Other Finance-related forms can be found below:

  • Internal Transfer (transfer between clubs/societies)
  • Payments to Other Students (if you are paying another student, they must complete and attach this form AND a self-assessment form (below))
  • Self-Assessment Form (It's Warwick Students’ Union policy that any person engaged to provide services to an associated Society or Sports Club, must provide a Self-assessment Declaration Form, even if they are paid directly by a Club and Society member who then seeks to reclaim the funds, rather than paying the person through a Money Request Form. We require this form to be able to demonstrate to HMRC that we have applied the right rules in respect of PAYE compliance and that as a self-employed person, they have arrangements in place to declare any earnings in the tax year to HMRC. Additionally, the Union is required to have procedures in place that prevents the facilitation of tax evasion by individuals associated with the Union, which if not in place, could lead to criminal charges being brought against the Union. No payment will be made to the individual or person seeking reimbursement until a Self-assessment Declaration Form has been submitted)
  • Mileage Form
  • Socs Fed Emergency Fund Bid
  • Charity Collections Form
  • Socs Fed Fee Exemption Form
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