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Finance Forms

The three main Finance forms are:

  • Money Request (for any payments to companies, students or coaches) - if you need a guide to completing the form click here. Please note the paper version of this form is for use of the SU credit card only
    • These are in place of submitting money requests online via SGF for the use of the credit card only. You can also submit an online SGF for use of the SU credit card. You fill out the Company name in the 'payable to' section' and instead of filling in the bank account number and sort code, you use zeros e.g. 00-00-00
    • Similarly to online money requests, you need to fill this in and get the signature of your president/treasurer. You then need to bring in either the invoice that needs to be paid, or a screenshot of what you are purchasing, bring it to your Sports/Societies Coordinator for their signature, and then bring it to the SU Finance department. 
  • Purchase Order Form (for quotations from companies who do not require payment immediately)
    • Mainly for use with Akuma. Forward the quotation from Akuma along with the purchase order form to your sports coordinator for approval.
  • Sales Invoice Form (to receive money from a company for sponsorship, goods or any other services & want the money paid directly into your accounts)
    • Send this to your Sports/Societies coordinator along with the information from the company. Finance will then send the company an invoice and the money will be paid straight into your club account. 

Other Finance-related forms can be found below:

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