Finance Forms

The three main Finance forms are:

  • Money Request (for any payments to companies, students or coaches) - if you need a guide to completing the form click here
    • These are in place of submitting money requests online via SGF
    • Similarly to online money requests, you need to fill this in and get the signature of your president/treasurer. You then need to bring in either the invoice that needs to be paid, or proof that you've paid (if it's a reimbursement), bring it to your Sports/Societies Coordinator for their signature, and then bring it to the SU Finance department. 
  • Purchase Order Form (for quotations from companies who do not require payment immediately)
    • Mainly for use with Akuma. Forward the quotation from Akuma along with the purchase order form to your sports coordinator for approval.
  • Sales Invoice Form (to receive money from a company for sponsorship, goods or any other services & want the money paid directly into your accounts)
    • Send this to your Sports/Societies coordinator along with the information from the company. Finance will then send the company an invoice and the money will be paid straight into your club account. 

Other Finance-related forms can be found below:

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