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Creating a Shop

PLEASE NOTE: To set up online tickets for an event, please visit this page. The form below is for MERCHANDISE/FEES ONLY and NOT for online tickets!

  • If you'd like to sell club/society products (such as hoodies, sports club bags etc) through the website, fill in and submit the form below and we'll set everything up for you.

  • There is a charge of 10p per transaction to cover the costs of setting up your product on the website and any associated card-processing fees.

Please factor in time for your product(s) to be set up on the website, make your request the earlier the better. It will take 3 – 10 working days, for us to set up new products during vacation periods.  

This form allows submitting up to 10 products. If you are facing issues with the form, please complete and email this spreadsheet to

  • Money collected via these tickets is paid directly into your society or club account, into the account line that you indicate on the form.

  • You also have the ability to generate reports of customisation options and the ability to restrict products to your members. 

    • You can find these reports under your club/society admin tools - sales reports - sales/purchasers reports. 

Selling Products

A contact email address so we can get in touch once everything's set up or if there are any problems

The full account code for the SU finance account where money from purchases should be credited. E.g: W99 X01 9999. The four digit account number must start with a 1, indicating that it is an income line, and must be the one most approriate to the product you're selling. For example, we won't put money for training fees into a "General Donations" line, and clothing sales will normally go into a "Clothing & Merchandise ReSale" account. If in doubt, check with Finance.

The name of the product to be displayed on the site

The price you would like to charge for the product. Please note if there are multiple prices/options, these will need to be set up as separate products.

The description of the product to be shown on the site.

Any options available, for example colours and sizes of hoodies, or personalisations. Please be specific, and include any character limits. For example, specify exactly what size options you'd like people to be able to choose from, and say that the customisation is limited to a certain number of characters. Also specify whether each option is compulsory or optional.

Whether you would like the product to be restricted to your members or available to everyone. Unfortunately, we can only offer this ability to societies and not sports clubs.

Text to be included on the email receipt, for example when the product will be ready to collect, who to contact if any chosen options are incorrect etc.

When you'd like the product to become available on the website. Please allow 5-7 working days for your product to be set up.

When you'd like to stop selling the product. Please give both a date and time.

If you have a limited number of the item to sell, specify the number here.

Any delivery or collection details, for example if you'd like to charge extra for delivery to the purchaser.

Transaction Fee (required):

Please tick to agree to a transaction fee of 10p per transaction. This will be charged to your account monthly for transactions in the previous month.

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