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The criteria for applying for a budget


The categories used for awarding Grants for Societies:

The SU provides grants to Societies from the money collected through Societies Federation memberships, with the aim of helping Societies improve the experience of their Members by:

  • Investing in equipment (anything that may be integral to the running of your Society)
  • Expanding the range of the Society’s activities (excludes Trips/Tours, Balls, Transport and Venue hire)
  • Promoting the Society to potential new Members (such as banner stands or reuseable materials including some online advertising)

Unlike Societies (which are unincorporated associations) the SU is a legally constituted Charity, which means grants can only be made in line with the SU’s charitable objectives – this limits the uses to which grant money can be put.

Societies will need to make detailed bids for grant money using the downloadable application form - the information you provide will be the primary basis on which the bids are considered, so please make it as clear and concise as possible.  If we cannot understand the nature or purpose of any element of an application we will not be able to support it with a grant.

Applications will open on Monday 10th October.  Completed applications must be emailed to sabudgetapplications@warwicksu.com by 12pm on Friday 28th October 2022


Please note that all grants will be considered and approved at the discretion of the Student Activities Team, in line with the amount of funding available and the relevance of the application.


Please note
  • Applications received after the deadline will not be considered, regardless of circumstances - the date and time of receipt identified by the inbox will be the official submission point used to determine whether the application has met the deadline.  The process of determining the award of grants is complex and time-consuming, so it is essential that applications are submitted before the deadline.
  • Only Societies who have satisfactorily completed and submitted their Handover Packs (including Exec Sheet, Constitution, Memorandum of Understanding and Annual Risk Assessment) can apply for SU grants.
  • Historically, the total amount bid for has far outstripped the amount of grant money available, which means it is impossible to fully support all deserving applications.  We will do everything possible to spread the grants fairly and equitably, within the necessary constraints.
  • Some policies regarding specific elements common to multiple Societies will have to be developed during the process (as we will not know the nature of the elements Societies propose until applications are submitted), therefore we cannot specify in advance how applications will be judged at a detailed level.  These policies will be applied equally to all applications, and all Societies will be treated identically.
  • Feedback will be provided to explain the decisions regarding each application.  There will be no process for appealing grant-awarding decisions - the nature of awarding grants requires that all applications are considered at one time, and as such the decisions made at that time will be final.

The headings used for awarding Grants for Sports Clubs:

  • Admin (Printing costs & small resources)
  • Coaching
  • Training 
  • Transport (non-BUCS)
  • Entry Fees (non-BUCS)
  • Affiliations
  • Insurance
  • Facilities
  • Equipment Purchase (Must be able to insure & store the equipment & must be available/accessible to all members)
  • Equipment Maintenance (Equipment that needs to be maintained/serviced regularly to ensure the lifespan)
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