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Funding available for Society and Club Projects and Campaigns

If you are a society or club who wants to put on a specific project or campaign, head on over to the “Fund your Idea” section on the following page: https://www.warwicksu.com/student-voice/make-your-mark/

Here, you can bid for a number of different pots of money.

If you want to discuss your idea with someone, feel free to reach out to Louise Marjoram to have an informal chat (louise.marjoram@warwicksu.com)

COVID Support Fund

As an SU society this year (21/22), you can apply for the COVID support fund for small/consumable items to help run in-person events safely. This includes but is not limited to:

Disinfectant, Masks, Visors, Hand Sanitiser, Cleaning Products, Wipes, Signage, Temperature Gun.

Keep in mind that we have limited funds and to only apply for what you need.

Please email your application to societies@warwicksu.com with the following information:




Society Name 

Funds Requested (£)

Purpose of Funds

Events the products bought will be used at

Additional Info (Links to products etc.) 

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