Funding available for Society and Club Projects and Campaigns

If you are a society or club who wants to put on a specific project or campaign, head on over to the “Fund your Idea” section on the following page:

Here, you can bid for a number of different pots of money.

If you want to discuss your idea with someone, feel free to reach out to Louise Marjoram to have an informal chat (

International Representation Fund

What is the International Representation Fund?

The International Rep Fund is in place to financially support students who are representing their nation in an international event/competition. You can use the money to help towards transport, accommodation, entry fees and any other costs that are associated with the event.

What is the International Rep Fund not for?

The International Rep Fund cannot be used to purchase equipment that will personally benefit the athlete outside of the competition or event. The fund also doesn’t support costs associated with trials or selection days. You can apply for up to £500 per academic year. This can be split across a number of events but cannot exceed this amount.

How do I make an International Rep Fund Bid?

International Rep Fund applications can be found HERE.

Funding bids are reviewed at the end of each term but can be submitted at any point. You are able to apply for either an upcoming event/competition or an event/competition which has passed. When completing your application please provide as much information as possible including any supporting documents you may have e.g. a confirmation letter of your place in that event. If you fail to provide supporting evidence this may affect the success of application. Please send your applications to – you will receive feedback once the term comes to an end.

Who do I speak to for advice?

Please contact for any application queries. If you are a Sport Scholarship Athlete, please seek advice from

COVID Support Fund

As an SU society this year (21/22), you can apply for the COVID support fund for small/consumable items to help run in-person events safely. This includes but is not limited to:

Disinfectant, Masks, Visors, Hand Sanitiser, Cleaning Products, Wipes, Signage, Temperature Gun.

Keep in mind that we have limited funds and to only apply for what you need.

Please email your application to with the following information:




Society Name 

Funds Requested (£)

Purpose of Funds

Events the products bought will be used at

Additional Info (Links to products etc.) 

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