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Finding a sponsor is a very effective way of funding your Club/Societies activities - and many organisations will consider a sponsorship relationship to be something with mutual benefit.

The opportunity to find a sponsor (or sponsors!) is largely limited only by your imagination and creativity - so long as the terms of your arrangement are within the law, within what SU By-Laws and policy allow, and do not set out unreasonable expectations.

Sponsorship can be for the Club/Society as a whole (in which case the sponsorship money becomes Club/Society Funds and is subject to the standard Financial Guidelines) or for a specific Event or Activity (where the money can be used for any legitimate purpose expressly set out within the agreement) - and this distinction must be made within the Sponsorship Agreement (see a template for use here).

Once you have agreed on a sponsorship with the company, please email it to the Sports/Society Coordinator. Once approved, please submit a Sales Invoice to your coordinator. The SU's Finance team will invoice your sponsor and the funds will be credited to your Club/Society account once the company has paid.

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