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How To Fill In An MRF

If you're unsure where to find any of the following information, contact your treasurer. Treasurers seek advice from your student activities team. 

The first section of the form identifies your Club or Society and sets out the transaction, asking for the following details:

  • Date Submitted - the date that the form is completed
  • Club/Society & SU Number - your Club/Soc name and Finance identifier (eg su123)
  • Account Balance - the total balance on FinanceWeb at the time of submitting the form
  • Event - name of event spending is associated with (or "n/a" if not event-related)

The next section identifies how the money is to be paid, and to whom:

  • Payment Method - bank transfer, cash (up to £50) or SU credit card
  • Payable to - the full name of the individual or official company name to be paid
  • Contact Email/Tel - contact details for person/company to be paid
  • Bank Sort Code - sort code for bank account to be paid (if bank transfer)
  • Bank Account - account number to be paid (if bank transfer)

The third section details the actual transaction - its type and the items to be paid for:

  • Account Name - Finance description of spending category
  • Account Coding: Account - 4-digit code for Finance category
  • Account Coding: Cost Centre - 3-digit code identifying your Club/Soc (eg A12)
  • Account Coding: Dept - typically X01 (or X09 for BUCS-related spending)

The final section is the Requisitioner and Authoriser details:

  • Requisitioner - the name, position within the Club/Society, signature and email/tel of the person completing the request form
  • Authoriser - the name and details of the President or Treasurer (must be different from the Requisitioner and Payee) whose signature authorises the transaction

Receipts or invoice detailing the transaction must also be supplied.

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