Using Your Own Devices

  • Use secure means to access information (e.g. Virtual Private Network, as set out in the Computing Facilities policy).
  • Do not store local copies of Confidential Data.
  • Delete your browsing history from shared or personal computers to remove any cached session details.
  • Keep devices physically secure and take reasonable measures to reduce the risk of theft or loss (e.g. keeping the device on your person and out of sight, don’t leave unattended in hotel rooms etc.)
  • Set devices to automatically lock after a pre-defined period of inactivity (usually no more than a few minutes) and, where appropriate, to lock or wipe data if an incorrect password is entered too many times.
  • Ensure sync’ing to cloud-based services (including backup) is explicitly authorised by the WSU Chief Executive and appropriate protection is provided.
  • Keep software on mobile devices up to date with the latest version.
  • Report theft or loss of mobile devices to your department, IT Team and the police.
  • Remove WSU data when you leave the Students’ Union or stop any associated activities.

You must not store WSU or Confidential information on local computer drives (desktops, C or D drives) as these are not backed up and loss/failure of the computer will mean that the information may not be recoverable or available as required to undertake your activities. Mapped network drives are available to staff and these are backed up regularly.

Public cloud storage services such as DropBox and GoogleDocs are not to be used to store WSU or associated personal or confidential information without express prior permission from the Chief Executive.

Remote access to WSU computing facilities or information

You must only use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) provided by the SU through the University to remotely access WSU computing facilities and information, especially when connecting using your personal device or over a public network.

The VPN Service provides a secure method to connect to the University campus network regardless of where you are connecting from (e.g. wireless/internet). The VPN Service is available to all staff and students with a valid University IT Services username. For further information, please visit

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