Social Media Common Sense

The basics

  • Do not post illegal or libellous material.
  • Do not post sensitive or confidential information.
  • Do not discuss WSU internal operations (such as staffing arrangements, budgets) which have not been communicated to the membership.
  • Do not share your passwords.
  • If a team member or committee member who has access to your social media profiles leaves, reset your passwords.
  • Be open, honest and human.
  • Post regularly – you will need to agree how frequently.
  • Monitor your accounts and respond to incoming messages.
  • Do not use your social media account to abuse members of SU staff, as they have no right-of-reply and this could lead to disciplinary action being taken against you.

Getting the best from social media

  • As an Officer, Club, Society or Committee member, you are the ‘public’ face of the student body and you should participate in the same way that you would in person – i.e. professionally and responsibly.
  • You should try to add value to the conversation by contributing your knowledge or unique perspective. Only write about things you are familiar with and check your facts before posting.
  • You are responsible for the online spaces related to your area of WSU, so please set clear ground rules and monitor their use regularly.
  • If your social media account attracts the attention of other media outlets (such as newspapers or television), remember that the WSU President is the main spokesperson for the Students’ Union and you should liaise with them directly before responding.
  • Traditional media monitor social media sites for stories. Take advantage of this by posting positive stories about your work or society.
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