The criteria for applying for a budget

Clubs & Societies have specific areas for applying for financial support.  When a Club/Society is completing their budget pack they need to consider the most suitable category according to how they wish to spend their grant money.  

Once this has taken place Clubs/Socs need to justify the amount requested by proving the need or that the SU/Warwick Sport cannot provide the resource/service or support that they would like to purchase.

The categories used for awarding Grants for Societies:

  • Capital Expenditure (items that cost in excess of £3,000)
  • Non-Capital Expenditure (General resources that are required to ensure that the Society is functional and can enable members to gain the full knowledge or experience.
  • Affiliations (National Governing Bodies/Associations/Memberships)

The headings used for awarding Grants for Sports Clubs:

  • Admin (Printing costs & small resources)
  • Coaching
  • Training (Clubs can only apply for a maximum of £500 towards their training costs)
  • Transport (non-BUCS)
  • Entry Fees (non-BUCS)
  • Affiliations
  • Insurance
  • Facilities
  • Equipment Purchase (Must be able to insure & store the equipment & must be available/accessible to all members)
  • Equipment Maintenance (Equipment that needs to be maintained/serviced regularly to ensure the lifespan)