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Warwick Students’ Union has recently been awarded the WORKING TOWARDS STANDARD for Green Impact Students’ Union 2022-23.

Green Impact Students’ Union is an accreditation programme for sustainability good-practice in students’ unions. NUS established the scheme in 2006 to tackle common bad environmental practice in students’ unions and to share good practice in the sector.

Warwick SU has been involved in Green Impact through NUS since 2008/9 and previously Warwick SU has consistently achieved awards at the Good level or higher.

During the Covid-19 pandemic Warwick SU had a number of staffing changes and other challenges that meant taking time off from Green Impact, but in the 2022-23 academic year Warwick SU has refocused on improving our sustainability processes and our environmental impact, and have started to take part in Green Impact once again. The aim for future years will be to achieve the Good standard or higher again.

You can learn more about Green Impact here


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