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Warwick Sustainable Development Society

Warwick Sustainable Development Society


Warwick Sustainable Development Society (WSDS)

Our objectives:

  • Bring together the three different aspects of sustainable development and educate students on the importance of intersectionality between these aspects.
  • Act as an incubator for Warwick students who are passionate for a sustainable cause and have a vision they want to act on. 
  • Educate Warwick students (potential future leaders) about being a responsible leader 
  • Promoting the academic CSR among students

Whether you want to discuss about sustainability, have a pint with us or simply get to know other like-minded people, come to our events and like our page on Facebook for more information!!!

Society Structure

Environmental Sustainability

-Focuses on environmental issues and collaborates with other environmentally conscious societies

-Promote environmentally conscious brands and companies 

-Create an alternative space for green firms to network with students, building connections with employers 

-Act as a bridge between the corporate world and the environmental movements


Economic Sustainability

-Raise awareness regarding sustainable business techniques and the growing need for sustainable economic growth 

-Convey the values of green leadership, showing the impact of private firms on sustainable economy 


Social Sustainability

-Collaborate with campaigning societies working on social issues to help promote on-campus campaigns 



Executive Board: 

Founder and President- Zeba Zaidi

Secretary- Manya Sharan

Treasurer- Abhimanyu Singh


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