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Warwick International Development

Warwick International Development

Video Transcript

What is International Development?

International development is the intersectional study of policies and projects used to develop the environment, societies, and governments around the globe. This includes areas such as food and water security, human rights and refugee crises, healthcare and education, economics, business and innovation, technology and engineering, as well as law and politics. 


Who are we?

There’s no such thing as a typical WIDS member. Come to one of our events and you’ll see that we are a welcoming, diverse and multidisciplinary community interested in making our world a better place through research, policy-making, and social enterprise. Our ethos is that of inclusion, intellectual diversity, and critical examination.


What do we do?

Whether its climate change, economic inequality, or artificial intelligence: we discuss the issues that matter. We hold a variety of events dedicated to understanding and proactively engaging with issues of global significance.


SPEAKER SERIES: We host talks throughout the year, listening to world-renowned academics and international development experts such as Jeffrey Sachs and Neil Buhne.

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS: We facilitate frequent roundtable events, discussing the most controversial and thought-provoking issues in contemporary development. This is an opportunity for you to exchange ideas and learn something new from professionals and academics.

CAREERS EXPO: Through its connections with Warwick alumni at organisations such as UNICEF and ODI, the society is able to provide internship opportunities for members to gain hands-on experience in the industry, as well as information and networking sessions with industry pioneers.

SOCIALS: One of the most important (and fun) aspects of any society is socialising. We plan to have regular socials throughout the first two terms!

NEWSLETTER: International development is dynamic and diverse, and therefore often hard to keep up with. Our newsletter gives you a weekly update on what you need to know! Relevant and useful for students and professionals alike.

MAGAZINE: With a collaboration with other sustainable societies at Warwick and other universities, we discuss important matters that are currently occurring in the international stage. We also interview professionals in the field of international development and write about their journeys.

CONFERENCES: We intend to organise a society trip to international development conferences in other UK universities, such as the Bristol International Development Conference or Oxford’s OxFID.

ELECTIONS: Students can be part of our society when we release team member applications in term 1 where students can assist execs in their individual roles. At the end of term 2, we will hold elections for all students whether they are team members or not, to officially become part of the society as an executive. Being part of an academic society with a noble cause such as this, will substantially boost your CV and personal skills.


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