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I'm a Course Rep

Homepage for Course Reps

Welcome to the Rep Resources page, where you will find useful information to support you in your role as a rep.


Download Annual Report! 

Have you filled in the final SSLC annual report? We have updated the document, so please make sure you click the picture below for the updated resource! The deadline is 12th July at 1pm to sslc@warwicksu.com. Please ensure you use this template and put your SSLC Name in the (NAME) section when sending to us.  


MS Teams group? 

This year, we have created a Course Rep MS Teams group for you to access resources, chat to fellow Reps, and get regular updates on what is happening. You should have access to the group but if you require access, email sslc@warwicksu.com


Course Rep Resources

The following resources have been created to help support you at SSLC's. Click on the links below to download useful templates for the academic year.