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Welcome to the University of Warwick Go Society!

Go (aka Weiqi / Igo / Baduk) originated and was invented in China over 4000 years ago. The few simple rules of the game branch out into a fantastic range of practically infinite possibilties and paths of play. Every game, with only the alternating placement of black and white stones on a board with intersecting lines, tells a beautiful story of war, entailing sacrifice, strategy, and struggle.

Go is still the world's oldest board game continuously played today, and with Warwick Go Society you can meet others who play Go, and learn how to play Go yourself. You can find details of when and where we meet below, so mark your diaries, and come along to our regular sessions!

Taster Session Wednesday 25th January 2017 1500h-1700h OC1.03 (Oculus)
Weekly Session Starting Wednesday 11th January 2017 1500h-1700h OC1.03 (Oculus)
Weekly Session Starting Saturday 15th January 2017 1500h-1700h S2.81 (Social Sciences)


Further information on weekly meetings, and upcoming events like tournaments, can all be found in our Facebook group, and in the weekly emails, to which you can subscribe by joining the society.

If you couldn't make it to the taster then don't worry, feel free to come along to any of our weekly sessions detailed above and we'll introduce you to the society then.

We have a number of members with skills ranging from complete beginner to reasonably strong amateur (5 dan). We're very happy to have beginners attend, and we're happy to teach!

If you have any questions, email us (su363@warwicksu.com), or get in touch through our Facebook group or Facebook Page to ask us any questions, and receive updates on when/where we are meeting. You can also join our WeChat Group by adding either myself (WeChat ID RajivDaxini) or Kang Shuwen (qq: 648901104).

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