BioSoc is the University of Warwick's Biology Society!

Friendly, innovative and open to anyone, the society is a focal point for all Life Sciences students or anyone interested in biology.

Each and every year we see BioSoc getting better and better, with signs that this year will have more participation than any other! This means LOADS more socials, opportunities and of course, FREE FOOD! 

Because we scientists deserve a break from our many hours of labs and lectures, we like to provide our members with fantastic socials throughout the year. With events like movie nights, laser tag and meetups, we offer loads of ways to meet new people and make friends! For those who like drinking/clubbing, we have plenty of connections with clubs to give you exclusive drinks deals and cheap tickets to events with queue jumps and transport!

BioSoc also promises to provide exciting opportunities for all to go on amazing trips; this year will be our third ever tour! Previous trips to Amsterdam and Lisbon proved to be such a success that we are bringing it back this year for a trip to a secret unannounced location - like our Facebook page for updates on when/where we are going!


BioSoc Sports

A healthy body is a healthy mind.

Members of Biosoc are encouraged to take part in sports as a relief from their studies, and just university life in general. As life scientists, we are aware of the amazing complexity of the body, what better use for it than to exert it to its maximum potential in challenging, yet enjoyable physical activity! Stay fit and mentally sharp with your course mates - this can be achieved through our netball and football teams. With matches being organised through the university active league, we have participated and remained active in many tournaments.                       




BioSoc has the honor of being the most social society of all the sciences. Its unprecedented network and working relationships with Kasbah, Neon, Smack, Kelseys, Samoan Joes, TJs, Clink, Altoria has enabled it to bring some of the cheapest and exclusive nights out in Warwick - from booking out the main room of kasbah to having direct entry Q jumps for Neon, BioSoc continues to have amazing nights out, alcoholic or not.

Academic Support

BioSoc offers student-lead Peer Support Sessions throughout the year, available to all undergraduates. These sessions are great for help with things such as:

  • Lab reports
  • Lecture notes,
  • Exam revision
  • Dissertations

We also have assigned mentors to all the tutor groups in Year 1, which is a great way to connect different years in hopes of sharing advice and wisdom, plus a chance to form teams for challenges at future socials!



At BioSoc, we always attempt to hook you up with the best opportunities.

Managed by our outreach officer, we liaise with schools at Warwick to set up science sessions and clubs in the local area; giving back.

This is a perfect opportunity for those who believe their vocation may lie in teaching, or simply just for experience; yet another paint stroke to the big canvas that is your CV!

It's always rewarding when what you have learnt for years in the classroom can be applied to a real-life setting, to shape and engage the young minds of the future, which really makes a difference; the small things.

Outreach includes:

  • Running Science clubs in local schools

  • Volunteering for the Big Bang Fair

  • Local exhibitions


Exec Members (2018/2019)

President: Tom Jepson

Vice President: Sophia Cross


Secretary: Anna Schorfield

Social Secretaries: Saraa Kaleem + Lauren Turner

Sports Officer: 

Outreach Officer: Sonam Kumar

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