**all classes are held in Copper Rooms 2 in the SU building**

Monday 12-12.30 - Body Blitz

This high intensity class is deisgned to leave you sweaty and satisfied in your lunch break! 

Tuesday 3-4 DanceFit

Inspired by the fitness class favourite, Zumba, DanceFit is a dynamic class that gets you moving combining aerobics rythm and interval training and is always one of our most popular classes! 

Wednesday - 1-2 Barbell Burn

This class makes use of our studio barbells to squat, deadlift and press your way to fitness and is guaranteed to leave you aching the next day! 

Wednesday - 2-2.30 CORE 

This class builds core muscle groups through exercises that strengthen the abdomen and back muscles. It improves strength, balance and endurance and it can all be done in half an hour! 

Thursday - 2-3 Bootcamp

Bootcamp mixes calisthenic and body weight exercise with interval and strenght training to give you an intense full body workout. The content of the class will vary week on week but every session will get you sweating! 

Friday - 1-2 Legs, Bums and Tums

A firm favourite amongst our members, LBT tones up the legs, bum and tum area to build strength and shape the body. Building up these muscles helps to create a strong foundation for all our other classes! 



We run Wednesday circles almost every week where you can get dressed up and head over to Bar Fusion for a few hours of pitchers, planks and looooots of purple! There is absolutely no obligation to drink alcohol at circle - we just want you to feel like you can get involved, we're not bothered about what you're drinking! Our FB page is where all the circle updates and planning goes down so if you're interested head over there to get the low-down and stay in the loop! 

We also run other one-off events like bar crawls, club meals, one-off classes, bbq's and loads more (again, FB is the best place to stay up to date on these events!) 

TOUR - Every easter hundreds of Warwick students hop on planes and spread out across Europe. This year our social secs are going to be planning an amaze tour for you all - It's too early to publish any details yet but we'll send you an email letting you know how you can book your place on tour when the time arrives!





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