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Canoe Polo

Canoe Polo Sports Club

Canoe Polo

A sport that requires no previous experience, Canoe Polo is for the brave and the bold, and anyone who enjoys team games and/or water sports!

Having been called a mixture of basketball, hockey and water polo, it is a sport you've most likely never seen before, but will love! 



Canoe polo is a dynamic water sport that blends elements of kayaking, netball, and football. It is played in kayaks specially designed for the game, with teams of five players each trying to score goals in their opponent's net. The game can be played in a swimming pool, lake, or even the open sea. The ball can be thrown by hand or even flicked with the paddle. Paddles will thrash, boats will clash, you will shoot, goals may be scored. 

We will provide all the kit you need, including boats, paddles, spray decks, helmets, BAs etc. (except for your swimming kit, a t-shirt and a towel).

We participate in BUCS each year with two open teams and a ladies' team, whilst also hosting several tournaments throughout the year here in the swimming pool! 


Both Warwick Canoe and Warwick Canoe Polo hold a zero-tolerance policy to discriminatory attitudes and expect their members to show each other respect regardless of ethnicity, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

We are also proud to be Report & Support Ready as well as having multiple exec members who have completed Active Bystander Training.

Our usual training times are:

  • Tuesday: 20:30-22:00, Sports Hub Swimming Pool
  • Friday: 16:00-17:00, Sports Hub Zone C (Ball Skills + Drills)
  • Friday: 20:00-22:00, Sports Hub Swimming Pool

Some members also like to take boats for optional fitness training on the River Leam on Wednesday afternoons.

Our pool sessions are usually followed by an optional trip to the Dirty Duck to socialise and chill out. We usually have a variety of weekly socials joined with the Canoe Club such as Pop, Skool Dayz, curries, barbecues, bar crawls, fireworks, cocktails, and much more! 


To keep up to date with all the news of our trips and weekly socials have a look at our website ( ) or our Facebook group/page ( (

Come and try it, we're sure you'll love it! ;)


The Executive Committee (Exec) 2023/24:

President: Yousuf Mohammed

Secretary: Neil Causer

Treasurer: Jamie Gregson

Coach: Dan Collier

Kit Secretary: Samuel Devlin

Tournament Secretary: Molly Bevan

Social Secretaries: Ollie Pay & James 'Jesus' Parham

Media Secretary: Archie Harrodine

Charities, Development and Outreach Officer: Alexandra Bond

Welfare Officer: James 'John' Brenton

Women's Officer: Alexandra Bond

Exec Membership

Canoe Polo - President

Canoe Polo - Treasurer

Canoe Polo - Charities, Development, and Outreach (CDO) Officer

Canoe Polo - Coaching Secretary

Canoe Polo - Kit Sec

Canoe Polo - Media Secretary

Canoe Polo - Secretary

Canoe Polo - Social Sec

Canoe Polo - Welfare Officer


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