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Canoe Polo

A sport that requires no previous experience, Canoe Polo is for the brave and the bold, and anyone who enjoys team games and/or water sports! Having been called a mixture of basketball, hockey and water polo, it is sport you've most likely never seen before, but will definitely love!

Played in kayaks and 5-person teams, the aim is to throw the ball between your teammates and score goals, all whilst avoiding the other team. The ball can be thrown by hand, or even flicked with the paddle. Paddles will thrash, boats will clash, you will shoot, goals may be scored. 

We will provide all the kit you need, including boat, paddles, spraydeck, helmet, BA etc. (except for swimming kit, a t-shirt and a towel).

Our training times are:

  • Tuesday: 20.30-22.00, Sports Hub Swimming pool
  • Wednesday: 08.00-09.00, Ball Throwing in Westwood Games Hall (followed by breakfast on Campus!)
  • Saturday: 17.00-19.00, Sports Hub Swimming pool

On most Wednesday afternoons some members also like to take boats down the River Leam for optional fitness training.

Our pool sessions are usually followed by an optional trip to the Dirty Duck to socialise and chill out. We have a variety of weekly socials joint with the Canoe Club such as Pop, Skool Dayz, curries, barbecues, bar crawls, fireworks, cocktails, and much more! To keep up to date with all the news of our trips and weekly socials have a look at our website ( or our facebook page ( 

Come and try it, we're sure you'll love it!

(No horses are harmed in this type of Polo ;-P ).


Join This Club

This is an On Campus club. You’ll need a Warwick Sport Club Pass as well as a Sports Federation membership.

This is an Off Campus club. You’ll need a Warwick Sport Club Pass as well as a Sports Federation membership. Find out more about joining clubs here.

Current students should purchase the Canoe Polo Standard Membership below.

This membership will be on sale from the 1st September 2019
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