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Canoe Surf 2024
21st June 9am - 24th June 7pm
We will be heading to Newgale campsite and praying the weather will be nice. Here we will be camping right next to the beach so it’s the perfect place to try out some surf kayaking.
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Mountaineering and Hiking T3W9 Snowdonia Weekend Trip
21st June 5pm - 23rd June 8pm
Snowdonia National Park
A weekend hiking/mountaineering trip to Snowdonia
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Badminton UWBC 2024 Summer Tournament
22nd June 9am - 6pm
Sports Hub Zones A and B
Presented by YC Sports, the UWBC Summer Tournament is back once again on Saturday 22nd June- This time bigger than ever! With all 5 disciplines played with feather shuttles, this is the perfect opportunity for some end of season competitive play.
Cricket (Womens) Charity Rounders Tournament
23rd June 11am - 5pm
Westwood Astro Pitch
Women's Cricket's Charity tournament is back!
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Squash Charity BBQ
23rd June 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Claycroft BBQ
Hey guys! With the year coming to an end, it’s time for our annual Charity Barbecue and Squash Awards! A chill evening after the Sports Ball, the BBQ will be on Sunday, June 23 from 6:30pm onwards at the Claycroft BBQ!
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Ultimate Frisbee Bears Holiday
24th June 9am - 26th June 4pm
Trip to Bournemouth
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Netball (Womens) Netball Mystery Summer Tour
27th June 10am - 1st July 9pm
A fun lil weekend getaway to a....mystery....location #lit #loose Book if u dare......
Karate BUCS No Show Ticket
30th June 10am - noon
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Rowing Pimms Party 2024
6th July 11am - 8pm
Temple Island Meadows
The much anticipated annual Pimms Party! At the riverside of Henley with Pimms included in the ticket. There will also be the option to camp at extra cost - more details on the FB page.
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Cycling and Triathlon WUCT goes Prague
13th September noon - 17th September 8pm
The tour will be a mix of running, riding (we can hire road bikes), as well as extra activities that we can decide as a group, such as going to a water park, go-karting as well as going out to bars in the evening if people want.
Rifle Clay Pigeon Shooting Taster
27th September 2:30pm - 4:45pm
University Piazza
Join us for a 20 shot clay pigeon taster session!
Rifle Range Day Taster, First Detail
28th September 10:30am - 2pm
University Piazza
Join us in the first detail for a taster day at the range! We will be shooting both .22 and air rifles.
Rifle Range Day Taster, Second Detail
28th September 1:30pm - 5:30pm
University Piazza
Join us in the second detail for a taster day at the range! We will be shooting both .22 and air rifles.
Archery CWAA 2025
25th January 8:30am - 5:30pm
Zone D
CWAA 2025
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