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Barbell Sports Club

We are a society for those with a passion for strength-sports. We look to cater for Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Strongman, CrossFit, and also facilitate for General Fitness throughout the year.

Experience and strength are not important – we are only interested in progress. So, whether you are brand new and are interested in learning more, or have been doing this a while – we welcome members of all skill levels. 

As a central hub, we aim to motivate and enthuse our members toward consistent training and progression through our wealth of events. Through technique-based workshops and lifestyle seminars, we aim to provide a solid base leading to intramural, BUCS, and external competition in each of our streams, for those looking to venture into competitive lifting. This year we are excited to announce that we have a powerlifting coach on board too!

Whether you are a member or not, we actively encourage you to partake in our drop-in weekly training sessions in the Warwick Sport gym on WEDNESDAYs 1-3pm and SATURDAYs at 12-2pm. This way, you can ask any questions regarding the best ways to improve and we will be more than happy to help. Further, you are given the opportunity to meet new people in the gym to make training an even more enjoyable experience.

Whilst we do suggest joining the Warwick Sport gym, our community is not limited to this space. Most of our events will be held at these facilities, so it makes more sense. However, training at a gym most suited for your schedule and type of training (e.g. CrossFit) is equally as important. You can still be a member using off-campus facilities. 

If Warwick Barbell interests you, then please do check out our website for more information. 5%, whatever it takes.


Join This Club

This is an On Campus club. You’ll need a Warwick Sport Club Pass as well as a Sports Federation membership.

This is an Off Campus club. You’ll need a Warwick Sport Club Pass as well as a Sports Federation membership. Find out more about joining clubs here.

Current students should purchase the Barbell Standard Membership below.

This membership will be on sale from the 1st September 2019
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