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Warwick Pugwash

Warwick Pugwash Society

Warwick Pugwash

Warwick Pugwash Society

Warwick Pugwash is the student group of the international network of Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs which was originally created by Bertrand Russell and with the consensus of Albert Einstein in the 1950’s. The aim of the movement is to raise awareness and eliminate weapons of mass destruction by the organization of conferences for scientists and other important figures from the world of science and world affairs. “The Russell-Einstein Manifesto, released on 9 July 1955, called for a scientific conference to assess the dangers to humanity posed by nuclear weapons.” Reducing the threats humanity is facing does not only include nuclear disarmament, but the topics of Pugwash also cover a range of newly emerging problems most of them related to the rapid improvement of technology, like the dangers posed by Artificial Intelligence, killer robots, but also the implications of climate change. As a student group we aim to draw attention to the intersection of scientific advancements and social woes mainly by organizing speaker events and roundtable discussions. To give an idea, some of our previous events included Ethics of Biotechnology, Lifespan Extension, Green New Deal and AI and fake news. Last year we also hosted the annual conference of SYP UK (our national branch), which focused on emerging weapon technologies, and the risks (political and social) associated with them.

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