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Women for Women International

Women for Women International

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Women For Women International Warwick

Hello there!

We are a student chapter that represents the wonderful Women for Women International (WfWI) charity foundation here at Warwick!

Quite simply, our twin aims are to fundraise and campaign.

We strive to raise awareness about the real situations faced by conflict-ridden communities across the world where women are implicated so that we, and those interested in and supportive of our cause around campus and the Warwick area, can try our best to do something about it!

Our fundraising efforts go towards a sponsorship-based scheme. This programme sees female survivors of war enrolling on WfWI’s year-long education, life skills, rights and business training courses based in the countries WfWI focuses on - Afghanistan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda and South Sudan. The curriculum truly educates and supports these women; and testimonies show that it has been an important step in helping individuals, and their whole communities, rebuild their lives

As a new society, we are very hands on and collaborative, so there is lots of opportunity to get involved in all aspects of the running of a charity society!


This is something for everyone, men and women alike!

Do you believe women should be empowered? Or that the answer to changing the world lies in changing the life of one woman at a time?

If so, WfWI Warwick is the society for you!

We would love to have you! 

Check out our pages below, and join for free!

Snapchat: wfwiwarwick


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