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Warwick Management

Warwick Management

Welcome to Warwick Management Society!!

Probably a lot like you, we are a group of students who arrived at Warwick without really knowing what to expect from university life.

In the true spirit of wise old Warwick students, we’d like to pass on what we’ve learnt over the past two years – no seriously though, we know a lot about how things work, the problems you’ll face, the worries you’ll have and the exams you need to pass. Your time at Warwick will be an incredible journey and you'll have some amazing experiences, we want to make sure you have all this and an outstanding degree at the end!

Trust us, (we know) the thousands of opportunities and new experiences here at Warwick can be overwhelming at first. We are here to:

  • Guide and help you with the difficulties of whatever business school course and module you chose (we know someone whose passed it with flying colours and the secrets of how they did it)
  • Answer every question you have regarding your academic life at Warwick (and non-academic, if you think we can help)
  • Help you make the most of your time, by having fun at university, participating in events and getting incredible grades at the same time (this is absolutely possible!!!)
  • Offer you awesome events which help you to understand what modules you'll enjoy and which career path may interest you
  • Help you to create a network of insightful and connected people enabling you to learn about their working experiences


Come join us and you'll immediately notice how 

brilliant it is to be part of the society that provides you with every possible academic support that you need to pass with flying colours!


Check out our Website or visit  our Facebook Group for more information and updates!

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