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Warwick Magic

Warwick Magic

Fancy being the next Derren Brown, David Copperfield, or David Blaine? Or just want to know how their tricks are done? Come and further your knowledge of the art of magic, and share what you've learnt with others.
Whether you're interested in learning, mastering, or performing magic, or just want to watch decent illusions, we'll give you the opportunity to do what you want. Join our friendly community for lessons, socials, and performances.
Beginners and professionals welcomed alike; you don't have to know what a Charlier cut is to join.

Sessions and Socials

If you're curious, come along to one of our teaching sessions or socials. They're all free, and you can come to one as a 'taster session' before joining us. Lessons are generally at 6pm on Tuesdays, we have weekly socials on Fridays at 6.30pm (usually in the Dirty Duck) where we meet up, chat and perform magic.
Follow the Warwick Magic Facebook page,, which is regularly updated with the latest information about socials and weekly sessions, and has images from our regular activities in and around campus. You can also follow us on Instragram @WarwickMagic, to find pictures and videos from our regular sessions and performances.
Previous Events
Book us for your ball or event! Send us an email or Facebook message.
Warwick magicians have performed at many events around the university, some of which include:
WBSS Business Ball - 30th November 07
OWW World Party - 26th January 08
WarwickSnow Ball - 15th February 08
Economics Summit 2008 Dinner - 16th February '08
Walsgrave Hospital, with CSV on Tour - 20th February '08
Girls on Tour Pamper Evening - 26th February '08
Warwick Volunteers Piazza Carnival - 28th & 29th February '08
Law & Banking Ball - 8th March '08
WBSS Business Ball - 29th November '08
Economics Summit 2009 Dinner - 14th February '09
WBSS Mink Social - 21st October '09
Warwick Lifesaving Competition Social - 21st November '09
WBSS Business Ball - 28th November '09
One World Week: Carnival - 25th January '10
One World Week: Europe Day - 26th January '10
Special Guests at the Warwick's Got Talent Final - 5th February '10 - Arts Centre
Languages Ball - 25th February '10 - Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth
T.I.A. African Banquet - 5th march '10 - Village Hotel, Coventry
Summer party - June '10
One World Week - 27th January '12
Rootes BBQ 22nd June '12
Summer school - 12th July '12
Equipment and Kit Purchase
The Society now carries a selection of magic equipment, including playing cards, coins, rope, rubber bands and sponge balls, that is available for purchase at our regular sessions. We often bring equipment relevant to the week's session along, but if you want something specific, please send us an email or Facebook message detailing exactly would you require so we can make sure that is is available for you.
For members we presently sell bicycle playing cards for £1.50 a deck and half dollar coins at £1 each. We currently are doing a deal £5 for one red deck of cards, one blue deck and two half dollars.
We are in the process of expanding the Warwick Magic kit and equipment available to our members. The next item that we are working on is a deck of Warwick Magic playing cards. Once final details of these are available, we will communicate them directly to our members. If you would like to express an interest in this item, then please contact us. For the latest information on all new kit and equipment follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
Your Exec
President: Vasili Theophilou
Secretary: Jord Cheah
Treasurer: Adam Zhenyoung Heng
Librarian: Matthew Watson


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