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Warwick Magic

Warwick Magic

Fancy being the next Derren Brown, David Copperfield, or David Blaine? Or just want to know how their tricks are done? Come and further your knowledge of the art of magic, and share what you've learnt with others.

Whether you're interested in learning, mastering, or performing magic, or just want to watch decent illusions, we'll give you the opportunity to do what you want. Join our friendly community for lessons, socials, and performances.

Beginners and professionals welcomed alike; you don't have to know what a Charlier cut is to join.

Video transcript:
Magic. One of the oldest art forms known to mankind. Thought to have originated in Ancient Egypt, the skill of deception has been honed through numerous cultures across thousands of years; and has been used to persuade kings, and turn the tide of wars. Centuries of knowledge in sleight of hand and psychology may now be taught to you - so you can impress some friends at a party!

Hi. We're Warwick Magic, and we're going to be teaching you how to do a bunch of cool stuff, like:
[A montage begins of various magicians performing the following sleights/effects described.]
- Make a card change!
- Make cards disappear!
- Make coins disappear!
- Make balls disappear!
- Make yourself disappear! [Disclaimer: we don't actually teach this effect. While it is technically possible, it is very difficult to pull off practically, unless the environment is heavily controlled (for example, a stage with trapdoors). Our society primarily focuses on close-up magic, which largely involves manipulation of small objects such as cards or coins.]
- Make cards disappear and then reappear!
- Get really good at shuffling!
- Build a nice little card house! Destroy it.
- Produce money out of thin air! Make it multiply!
- Do this thing [clip of a card dribble being performed] with cards!
- Do this thing [clip of a card spring being performed] with cards!
- Do this thing [clip of the WERM flourish being performed] with cards!
(We do a lot of stuff with cards. It's kind of our thing.)

We welcome people of all skill levels; so whether you've never touched a deck of cards in your life, or if you're already an expert magician looking for people to hang out with, or if you're just someone who appreciates the art and wants to see other people do a bunch of cool stuff, that's fine! All are welcome.

We do weekly teaching sessions and socials, and throughout the year we're going to be trying to give you the chance to meet, speak to, and learn from some of the best magicians in the world. Also, you get to hang out with some pretty cool people.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Warwick Magic today!

Sessions and Socials

If you're curious, come along to one of our teaching sessions or socials. They're all free, and you can come to one as a 'taster session' before joining us.

There are weekly teaching sessions from 6pm to 8pm on Tuesdays. We also have weekly socials after the sessions (usually in the Dirty Duck) where we meet up, chat and perform magic.

Follow our Facebook page ( for regular updates with the latest information about socials and weekly sessions! You can also follow us on Instagram (@WarwickMagic), to find pictures and videos from our regular sessions and performances.

Big Events

  • Week 10, Term 1 - Ambitious Card Routine Competition
    • An event aimed towards beginner/newer members, in which they perform a basic card routine using skills learnt during term 1.
  • Week 10, Term 2 - Annual Magic Competition Battle Royale™ (aka the Fillary & Davison Prestige Award)
    • An event open to all members, in which they can perform any original routine using skills learnt inside or outside the society.
  • Mid February - Blackpool Magic Convention weekend
    • Our yearly society trip to the world's largest magic convention, where members can attend lectures by/meet some of the world's best magicians and gain access to a massive variety of tricks, props, and secrets. More information can be found on their website -

Equipment and Kit Purchase

The Society now carries a selection of magic equipment -including playing cards, coins, rope, rubber bands and sponge balls- that is available for purchase at our regular sessions. We often bring equipment relevant to the week's session along, but if you want something specific, feel free to send us an email or Facebook message detailing what you require so we can make it available for you.

For members, we presently sell Bicycle playing cards at £1.50/deck and U.S. half dollar coins at £1 each. We currently are doing a deal of £5 for two decks of cards (one red, one blue) and two half dollars.

We are in the process of expanding the Warwick Magic kit and equipment available to our members. For the latest information on all new kit and equipment, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Your Exec

President/Librarian: Emily Sanderson
Secretary/Executive Officer: Calista Kou
Treasurer/Social Sec/Publicity: Andris Gyori
Wellfare Officer/Teaching Coordinator: Joshua Aubrey


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