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Warwick FIT

Warwick FIT

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Warwick FIT is a free society focused on an overarching approach on a healthy lifestyle. We incorporate mental health, exercise & nutrition. This is a community open to anyone at any level of fitness to join, It'll be for people who want to improve themselves and learn to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether you find it difficult to stay accountable, find it intimatidating to go to the gym or want to meet like minded people, we are here to help you out! 

Our Schedule for upcoming terms include: 

Mental Health Mondays - Where we openly discuss sensitve subjects e.g. Depression, Anxiety, Body Image & look into more phlisophical questions e.g. Purpose, Self-Worth, Love. 

Live cook with me's on Wednesday - Where we cook a variety of cheap, quick & simple meals, perfect for students! 

Drop in Gym sessions on Friday - Where Executives & Mentors will show up at the gym for you to ask questions, need help or a friend to train with! 


We also plan to involve speakers from big fitness companies, youtubers & presidents of other societys to come join our Mental Health Monday's talk. Moreover, we have a Workout Buddying program, so whatever fitness level you are at, you can meet someone like minded with similar experience level and time schedule! We also need people to help out on friday fitness sessions so if anyone would like to volunteer contact us on our social media pages. 


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