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Warwick FIT

Warwick FIT

Warwick FIT is a society that accepts anyone and everyone as we all focus upon creating a healthier life for ourselves through helping our mental health, exercise & nutrition. We want to help you overcome your fears or anxiety and create a great life for yourselves :) 

Our Schedule is:

Monday Meal Inspiration - Where we cook a variety of cheap, quick & simple meals, and post the recipes on our Instagram page - @warwickfitsociety

Wellbeing Wednesday - Where we openly discuss sensitive subjects e.g. Depression, Anxiety, Body Image & look into more philosophical questions e.g. Purpose, Self-Worth, Love.

Fitness Friday Gym sessions - Where Executives & Mentors will show up at the gym for you to ask questions, need help or a friend to train with! 

Saturday Socials - fun events to get to know each other outside of university - ex: trampoline park, bowling, group dinners


Follow our Instagram & Facebook page! If you have any worries about joining Warwick FIT, please don't hesitate to message our social media and ask us




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