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Star Wars

Star Wars

Hello there! 

We are the Star Wars Society and we are committed to uniting Star Wars fans across campus even during these trying times!

Do join our new Discord Server, for announcements and for several online events! 


- Battlefront 2 (2005) - We will be hosting a server for this classic and coming together to sit down and play. This along other Star Wars Games, from newer ones to classics like this one. 

- Watchalongs - Well be hosting streams to get all the fandom together to watch everything from the new Mandalorian or Clone Wars, to entire films, all hosted on the Discord server. 


These being two events we are planning, but more will be known as the year goes on, so do keep an eye out for updates! 


Society Discord:

So may the force be with you 

Execs - James, Gethin, Pav 


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