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Warwick SEED


Warwick SEED

Welcome to SEED!

We are passionate about Social Entrepreneurship, Engagement and Development.
With our aim to promote business-for-good comes our growing community that consists of like-minded societies, student entrepreneurs, start-ups/b-corporations/social enterprises, academic departments and most importantly, our fellow students!
Alongside our sister society at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) we:
  • Facilitate the platform for business-for-good careers to explored
  • Educate our community on business sustainability through our speaker series, seminars and speaker series foster sustainable, inter-university, regional and global partnerships in the social enterprise sectors
Just like you, we find the current conditions that we have to adapt towards difficult and stressful - but we also firmly believe that in every challenge there lies an opportunity, and so we want to work together with you to make this academic year as fruitful as possible!
Do you have an innovative concept you want to explore within or outside of campus? Do you want to more closely explore the links between entrepreneurship and sustainability? Do you just want to try out something new during your time at Warwick and meet new people? 
Contact us via Facebook, Instagram or E-Mail and become a member of our community - we are excited to meet and support you throughout this year!


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