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Warwick SEED

Warwick SEED

Warwick SEED is a society that promotes social impact careers and global collaboration in the University of Warwick. We facilitate links with businesses making social impact both in the local area of Warwickshire, London and also in Melbourne, Australia. With our sister-society Monash SEED in Melbourne we aim to become a platform that facilitates global partnership and collaboration.

We currently have over 28 partners from across societies, internal/external social enterprises, B corporations, and start-ups

As SEED we aim to:

1. Encourage students to go into careers that are with business for good such as start-ups, social enterprise and B-Corporations
2. Educate students on social enterprises through academic and career-based perspectives
3. Facilitate global collaboration with our partners at Monash SEED
4. Become the platform that bridges the four elements: Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Management, and Wellness.

Join us as we strives towards creating a world where entrepreneurship and sustainability are in good balance!

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