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It Happens Here

It Happens Here

It Happens Here

Passionate about consent? Interested in ensuring our campus is a safe place for all? Wanting to campaign for survivors of sexual violence and educate peers on all things consent? You've come to the right place!

Video transcript at the bottom of the page.

At IHH Warwick, we aim to:

- Raise awareness of sexual violence at Warwick

- Actively tackle the problem of sexual violence on and off campus through campaigns, education and work with both the SU and the University

- Offer non-professional support to those affected by sexual violence (signposting resources, offering a place to meet other students who may have similar experiences, and providing a platform for students to speak out)


Get involved:

At IHH, anyone who values consent is welcome! There are so many ways you can help out - whether this is directly through work on a campaign, walking people home from events such as Pop! or simply through attending our events and sharing your ideas with us! 

We are a new society so we would love to hear your ideas on how we can improve! In the future, we hope to offer self-defence classes and support groups. In the meantime we will run:

- Bi-weekly events (socially distanced picnics, craft sessions, panels with lecturers and activists who are passionate about our cause and much more!)

- Bi-weekly socials on alternating weeks to events

- Walkhome from Pop! once it opens

- Termly and annual campaigns

We are really excited to welcome new members and hope that participation in our society will give you something to take away from Warwick (other than a degree!). 

If you would like to share your experience (in any form eg poetry, art...) please contact us to feature on our profiles! #SpeakOutSunday

Our Exec:

President: D Saxelby - Postgraduate Renaissance Centre 

Vice President: Tasha Hardaker - Second Year Law 

Treasurer: Vessy Ustabashiev - Third Year Physics 

Secretary: El Jones - Second Year Biomed 

Welfare Officer: Patrick McSwiggan - Third Year Biomed 

Outreach and Charities Officers: Isabela Avalos - Third Year PAIS / Nikita Shikotra - Third Year History

Publicity Officer: Rhiannon Scott - Third Year Chemistry 

Design Officer: Sophia Hesling - Second Year Law

Campaigns Officer: Noor Ahmad - Third Year Literature

Social Secretaries: Amelia Hemsley - Second Year Language + Linguistics / Bethany Inglesby-Wood - Third Year Literature + Creative Writing

Contact us:

Facebook - It Happens Here Warwick

Instagram: @it_happens_here_

Twitter: @ihh_uow



In the UK, anyone under the age of 18 is a minor. Whilst you may of course take part in our events and campaigns, please be aware that we CANNOT OFFER CONFIDENTIALITY to anyone that shares a story with us and is under the age of 18, if this raises safeguarding concerns.


National Domestic Abuse Helpline: 08082000247,


Women's Aid:

Men's Advice Line: 08088010327,

Survivors UK – Male Rape and Sexual Abuse Support: 08451221201,

National Centre for Domestic Violence (Emergency legal protection): 08009702070,

Victim Support: 08081689111,

Rape Crisis: 08088029999,

Shout: or text 85258

National LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline: 08009995428,

Hourglass (for older people): 08088088141,

SignHealth (for deaf people): 02039472601,

Stop It Now (for child sexual abuse): 08081000900,


D: I was raped in my first year at Warwick, and again in my second.

El: I felt ashamed, embarassed and alone. 

Tasha: For months I was afraid to speak up and come forward, I was terrified that people would blame me, judge me, or even worse they wouldn't believe me and call me a liar. 

D, El and Tasha: I'm a survivor.

Isabela: No matter where or when your story happened, no matter if you've been carrying it for weeks or years, you deserve an ongoing support system of understanding and compassionate people. That's where IHH comes in.

All exec members: It's your story, but you're not alone

Patrick: At It Happens Here, everyone is welcome. Whether you're a survivor or an ally, you will find a place here.

Nikita: That's because IHH recognises that one experience is just as valid as another. Here, your thoughts and feelings are always going to be important to us. 

Amelia: We aim to provide non-professional support and resources, and a community to allow survivors to feel safe at Warwick.

Bethany: Our weekly sessions will range from panels with activists and lecturers, to art, expression and mindfulness, and much more.

Noor: And our campaigns will be termly, with one large-scale annual campaign.

Rhi: You can get as involved as you like, whether it's campaigning, making educational resources or just coming to socials.

Tasha: We all deserve to feel safe in our new home.

D: So come along, and help make change at Warwick for the better!


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