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Warwick Fantasy Society

Warwick Fantasy Society


Hello and welcome to the Fantasy Society!

Whilst we are the Fantasy Society, we use this as a common interest to allow people to meet others and just enjoy themselves,
so whether you're a die hard fantasy fan or don't know a dragon from a wyvern there's something for everyone. 
As a society we do more than just watch and talk about Fantasy,
we host lots of socials throughout term including events such as: POP! Circling, Skool Dayz,
Bowling, Lazer Tag, Film Nights, House Wars, Quizzes, Drinking games and every other Tuesday we host a games night with pizza. What's not to love!
Our exec is as follows:
President - Rowan Warner
Vice President - Nicholas Moss
Treasurer - Nicholas Moss
Secretary - Rohan Seth
Our officers are:
Wellbeing Officer - Rohan Seth

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of the exec through either the facebook page or our Warwick SU email!  

We also have a facebook messenger group chat and a discord group, where alot of the information we put out goes first.


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