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Warwick Free Thought

Warwick Free Thought

Our Aims

  • To promote conversation between people of different, of opposing, minds. 

  • To promote understanding and pluralism across ideologies, across opinions, across borders. 

  • To celebrate diversity and multiculturalism on our university campus.

  • To tackle Extremism in all its forms through discussion and debates.

  • To protect Freedom of Speech and Human Rights in the UK and across the globe.

Our Plans

Welcoming speakers, screening Documentaries and Videos, as well as podcasts, to showcase various issues surrounding contemporary debate topics and bring the spotlight to those who are combating abuses around the world. 

These showings will be followed by questions, discussions and debates amongst the audience. This is to encourage broader understanding and critical thought regarding an issue.

We will discuss issues such as Safe Spaces, Government Surveillance, Extremism on the right, the left, and the religious. We will challenge FGM practices across the world and we will oppose unlawful detention and prosecution of those expressing their beliefs. Ultimately, we believe that no issue should be above reproach, that every idea can and should be questioned. 


Why We Are Here

We've decided to set up this society because of the stifling of free speech in many societies across the globe. Free-Speech is being curbed by many governments, for example, for the sake of 'security'. We are strongly against government-imposed clamps on free speech, as many lives have been lost for simply expressing their beliefs, only to be punished and killed for them. We advocate freedom of speech because it also means advocating Human Rights around the world.

What we aim and try to do within this society is bring people from different views together, so that we may break our own and each others echo chamber. By breaking our own echo chamber we gain a wider understanding of the world, become more accepting of others (moderation) and will learn from each other. So, with extremists, we need to break their echo chambers by challenging them and their narratives. We aim to question their singular narratives which are the basis of their extremism and hatred by allowing them a platform outside of their echo chambers and speaking with them, questioning them. By doing so, we hope to be able to make society a safer and more accepting place; a society that will protect Human Rights.

In the end, freedom of speech is a necessary and important component to the protection of Human Rights in the long-term. As conversing about issues, understanding the opposite side, is important to the maturity and breadth of understanding within our society. By coming to a more just and moderate society organically, we will be able to protect Human Rights more effectively for generations to come.

To find out more about how to get involved, join Warwick Free Thought and follow our Facebook page for regular updates and information about future events.


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