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Warwick Student Christian Movement

SCM Warwick

Warwick Student Christian Movement

We are an inclusive and warm Christian society, closely linked to the Anglican and Free Church community at the University of Warwick and the Student Christian Movement. Christian or non-Christian, everyone is welcome. We are usually found at the Sunday services in the Chaplaincy on campus where we worship, spend time and sometimes eat together. Church on campus services run every Sunday at 5pm during term time. Everyone of all Christian denominations, other faiths or none are welcome. We are passionate about providing a friendly and welcoming space for everyone.

  • We subscribe to Jesus' teaching of inclusion and loving others without judgement
  • We welcome those of all faiths and none, and all Christian denominations. We are passionate about providing a friendly and welcoming space for everyone.
  • We aim to build relationships with God and to explore our faith.
  • We encourage our members to form their own opinions on moral issues
  • Sometimes we share great, homely food after the Chaplaincy service.
  • We are affiliated with the Student Christian Movement (SCM). Feel free to check them out and take advantage of the resources they offer.
  • We're free to join (Do not have to pay membership fee).


We normally hang out after the Anglican and Free church service, which runs every Sunday at 5pm during term time in the chaplaincy. There is normally no formal structure to our meetups post the service, we sometimes reflect on the week over hot beverages and sometimes yummy nibbles. 

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