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Christian Focus

Christian Focus

Warwick Christian Focus is a Christian community, who live Jesus' teaching of inclusion and loving others without judgement.

  • We welcome those of all faiths and none, and all Christian denominations. We are passionate about providing a friendly and welcoming space for everyone.
  • We aim to build relationships with God and to explore our faith.
  • We encourage our members to form their own opinions on moral issues, as we explore various Christian perspectives on topics from the Bible and books by Christian writers.
  • Great, homely food after Chaplaincy service.
  • We are affiliated with the Student Christian Movement (SCM). Feel free to check them out and take advantage of the resources they offer.
  • We're free to join (Do not have to pay membership fee).


Are you accustomed to sharing food after service in your church? Or do you just not want to cook on a Sunday evening and instead have good food with good people? Then join us for the focus meal after Chaplaincy service! Every Sunday at 6:30 pm in the Chaplaincy. (Actual service starts at 5pm) Your first meal is 100% free, after that our suggested donation is £2 as it helps us continue to make more, but if you do not have it then Jesus would not turn you away and neither will we!. If you have any speacial dietary requirements, please let us know!


Check out our Facebook page to find out which Thursdays we will be having a meeting. Just look for Warwick Christian Focus on Facebook. When we do have events they will either be discussions, exploring the Bible's perspective on a topic plus the interpretation of a few theologists and Christian writers we find interesting. Alternatively they will be socials, where we gather around and fellowship with one another. 

For the latest updates and to get in contact, click on the link to our Facebook page!


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