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CYPHR: Street Dance

CYPHR: Street Dance

CYPHR: Street Dance




What is CYPHR: Streetdance? 

 CYPHR: Streetdance is a friendly dance community, in which students from any background can share and engage in various dance forms.

                                               What do we offer?                                                 


  • As our society name suggests, we have Cyphers and Dance Battles where the dance floor will be open and welcome to you to show your moves.

  • A cypher is where street dancers are able to dance as they please. In street dance, a cypher is where dancers form a circle and, one after another, enter into the middle and dance.

  • Our first cypher will be hosted online on the Wednesday of Welcome Week. The event will be livestreamed and dancers will take turns freestyling over an online call.



  • We organise workshops along with the regular classes where experienced dancers are invited to show and teach us their style and technique. 

  • A variety of street styles will be taught such as breaking, waacking, hiphop, and many more. 

  • Any level of skill is welcome. All the class are beginner friendly, we'll cater to your skill level. People learn at different paces and we acknowledge that.  

  • Open dance spaces. There is consistent bookings of dance spaces on a weekly basis that allows our members to have a space to practice as much as they want.



  • At CYPHR Streetdance we host events such as battles - turn-based dance competitions between two individuals or dance crews judged with respect to creativity, skill, and musicality.
  • Subsidised trips to competitions and jams, for everyone who wants to test their skills outside of Warwick!

  • Performances and showcase videos, where you can show off your stuff to others, like in the video below.

  • Stay tuned for more updates!



  • Sessions are a casual weekly training slot for you to train what you have learn't in workshops or to get more experience cyphering
  • Sessions begin with a few minutes of warming up and usually transition into a group cypher.
  • But really, sessions can be used to work on anything the group wants to practice which makes them very flexible.
  • We will be holding sessions both online and in-person.


In-Person Safety Precautions

Due to COVID-19 saftey precautions will be taken for any in-person events.

  • Events will be limited to 6 attendees and last no longer than 120 minutes.
  • 2m social distancing will be maintained so far as is reasonably practical.
  • All attendees must leave the event as soon as it has ended.
  • All available windows will be opened.
  • Attendees will be reminded to wash their hands before and after the event.
  • Cleaning of event space will be carried out before and after the event.
  • The wearing of face masks will be enforced.
  • We will record the attendance at the event using student ID numbers to allow track and trace.



Do I need to be a really good dancer to join?

  • We encourage anyone with an interest for dance to join, it doesn't matter if you've never danced before, we are all here to learn and have fun.

What does Cyphr mean?

  • Cyphr is a shortened version of the word "Cypher". A cypher is a when a group of dancers come together to have an exchange or conversation through dance.

What if I can't freestyle?

  • Anyone can freestyle! Freestyling is not about having the best control or the most intricate moves, it is about expression through dance.


EXEC (2020-21)

  • President - Daniel Alvarez

  • Secretary and Socials Officer - Tom Finet

  • Marketing Director - Anais Delage

  • Treasurer and Events Officer - Arpita Bhattacharya



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Warwick Street Dance Society Exec 2020/21


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