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Asian Society

Asian Society

A Society for You. For Friends. For Culture and Community.

We are Warwick Asian Society, a cultural hub that both connects and supports Asians across the University, as well as nationwide. We successfully celebrate the best of Asian culture at a student level by organising social events, hosting careers workshops and talks, and providing a platform to engage in activities ranging from performance to sport.

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2021/22 Exec

Ball: Riyana Shah & Ruchira Ankireddy

Careers: Himali Mistry & Raul Athwall

Charities: Jaya Agarwal & Zoya Kamran

Events: Krishna Sharma & Vivaan Thopte

Marketing: Sasha Gill & Sehr Nuruddin

Secretary: Niam Patel

Sports: Dhilan Kullar

Speakers: Anushka Rajani

Tour: Liam Rai & Netra Jey

Treasurer: Vidhant Mehta

Welfare: Krish Chadha

Presidents: Kavi Sharma & Zaafir Ali



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