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Warwick Qazaq Society

Warwick Qazaq Society

Warwick Qazaq Society is a society for people from Kazakhstan or for anyone interested in Kazakh culture, which we try to preserve even far away from home. As a society, we host events of all sorts every week - from Quizzes and Games to Movie nights and cultural holidays such as Nauryz.

Beyond this, the Warwick Qazaq Society is eminent for its grandiose event - the annual Qazaq Ball that brings together Kazakhstani students from all over the United Kingdom. This event has been celebrated for over a decade, and every year we come up with a specific Ball Theme - Great Gatsby, Masquerade, the Old Money style - you name it! 

However, despite hosting joyful events, our society’s main value is its people. Thus, we can’t wait to see you at our events! Welcome! Qosh keldiniz!

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