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Warwick Hummus Society

Warwick Hummus Society

The Warwick Hummus Society is a community for individuals with a shared love for food; hummus, in particular. 

You want to know more about hummus? How to make it? Where does the dish have its roots? What is its history? 

So do we, and we are curious to share what we learn with you 

So, come join us on a journey to explore hummus, and make new friends while you're at it!

We can't wait to welcome you!!


Meet the exec:

Tanishk Saha, President. 

Anuman Goel, Vice-President and Treasurer

Amay Gupta, Secretary

Amanda Chua, Head of Marketing and Design

Larabella Myers, External Relations Officer

Imaan Hingun, Welfare Officer

Trisha Mahnot, Events Officer

Jennifer Herman, Social Secretary


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