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Warwick EQ Society

Warwick EQ Society

Warwick EQ Society


We are a brand-new Warwick SU society
launching in October 2020, that is seeking to
promote and develop emotional intelligence
in our members.

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is about developing the ability to identify and
manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. Remarkably, by
learning how to manage one’s own feelings, we are able to be more at ease with
ourselves as well as be more socially comfortable and confident. At the same time
high emotional intelligence is one of the stepping stones into leading a happy and
fulfilled life. With loneliness on the rise, and the increased speed at which
employers are moving to online-working, there has never been a better time to
educate people on the importance of emotional intelligence. Not only does this
benefit businesses, but society and the individuals themselves.

Fundamentally, we will encourage the emotional development of our members.
Specifically, this includes cultivating one’s self-awareness, self-esteem, reducing
anxiety and stress, regulating one’s emotions and learning how to handle
emotionally charged situations. Our aim is not to provide counselling for our
members, but rather provide them with the right tools to be able to recognise how
one’s inner world affects their behaviour and relationships. Our events will consist
of workshops geared-towards ‘reading the room,’ as well as speaker-events, social events and a book club to ensure the longevity of our discussions.


Aside from the intrinsic benefits of increased emotional intelligence, there are also
positive long-term effects on businesses and wider society. Emotionally intelligent
individuals find it easier to grow and maintain strong relationships; making them
ideal candidates for both leadership and client-facing positions. During this period
of remote-working, the importance of communicating effectively has become
evident. With this trend unlikely to reverse, having a strong EQ will likely be the
defining characteristic of the next generation of leaders.

As a student-led society, Warwick EQ will fulfill the following criteria:
• Upskilling and training of young people from various backgrounds to provide
them with the confidence to deal with life’s challenges.
• Sustainable running of the society and its events.
• Greater awareness of emotional wellbeing and positive mental health
throughout the wider community.


Our target membership will predominantly be Undergraduates and Postgraduates
at the University of Warwick, although other University staff will be welcome to
attend our events. Events will be targeted equally across gender, race and


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