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Students from non-traditional backgrounds may experience barriers to pursue tertiary education. Although a lot of outreach programmes have been introduced by universities and various non-profit organisations to address these issues, they often miss their key aims, as the application system to access support from these programmes is no easier than the actual UCAS application. Students need to have acquired a certain set of grades in their GCSEs with fantastic predictions for their higher education results to be even eligible to apply. Additionally, most sixth form support programmes require students to write essay-length questions outlining their skills, interests and extracurricular activities. As a result, students who are chosen for these support schemes (Already high-achieving individuals) would have been able to make a competitive application to university without any further assistance. Furthermore, these programmes are limited by the number of students they can support due to restrictions on the financial resources that can be invested in these programmes. Therefore, while on record, these outreach programmes showcase their ‘success rate’, the students who need their support are turned away.

UniAssist aims to tackle this vital issue based on one simple idea- one generation empowering the next one.

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