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Warwick Congress

Warwick Congress

Welcome to Warwick Congress, a student-run careers society that focuses on bridging the gap between the key industries of Law, Finance, Economics, Politics and Entrepreneurship.  

At Warwick Congress, we provide a holistic perspective by tackling exciting global topics and issues that we hope drive debate and discussion among students.

Our main event is our annual flagship conference where delegates are treated to a weekend full of intriguing debates, talks and skill sessions from renowned professionals and industry experts in their field. Alongside this, delegates have the chance to attend networking sessions with our speakers across the weekend. 

However, we’re not just a conference. Throughout the year we will host speaker events, panel debates and networking sessions as well as giving you access to weekly articles, podcasts and newsletters covering the news that matters.

Get involved by visiting our website, and following our Facebook and Instagram pages.



Presidents Ayushi Singh and Saiesha Suri

Heads of Creative Design  Dylan Cridland and Raul Malad

Heads of Marketing  Iman Mahomed and Yash Ajitsaria

Heads of External Relations Lipakshi Chhawry and Jabir Hussain 

Heads of Technology Zain Mobarik and Neil Shaabi 

Heads of Talks Adam Syed and Rohan Khanna

Heads of Sponsorship Camelia El Alami and Hrishik Anand

Treasurer  Karam Khosa

Heads of Operations  Martin Roland-Billecart and Ryo Matsuki


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