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Law & Business

Law & Business



Warwick Law & Business Society was established in 2011, to help support students studying Law & Business, and for those with an interest in both subjects.

This year’s exec are committed to enhancing your university experience and increasing the society’s presence on campus. We have great socials planned, a mentoring scheme to help everyone, not just freshers, and careers events to help you decide which career path is for you.

What does the society stand for?

Great, inclusive socials.

We want to have socials that everyone and anyone can attend, to ensure everyone gets a chance to be involved in the society. Our plans range from meals out to bowling to nights out.


The mentoring scheme pairs students in different years together, so the older student can offer advice and tips to the newer students. This isn’t just available for freshers, second and third year students can also have mentors, and many people keep their same mentor throughout the course, whilst becoming mentors themselves in second year.

We want to support you through your studies, as Law & Business students often feel stuck between the Law and the Business schools. You can talk to older students who can talk you through the issues they faced and how they resolved them.

Accountability for us, and the course management.

The Law & Business society has successfully lobbied the course directors to make changes to improve the course, and we are constantly in contact with the Law and Business school to help raise your issues. To aide this process, the Year Committee, comprised of one student from each year,  meets two or three times a term to discuss any issues their year has with the course or the society. This is your chance to feedback what you do and don’t like about the society, and how it needs to change. At least one member of the exec will be present at these meetings.

Careers Advice

Last year we hosted top 15 UK law firm Pinsent Masons, and are currently working on plans to host them again this year. We are also in contact with Warwick Careers Service, who are planning to bring us workshops on things like CV writing and interview tips. We want to help you maximise your chances of getting that all important vac scheme or internship, so we’re planning to work with current students who have secured them in the past to give you their hints and tips on how to get them.


We want to help you make the most of your three or four years at Warwick. The above is just a sample of what we plan to bring you over the coming year.

Please visit and bookmark our website which will act as a central hub for all things Law & Business Society.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Society.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail us at su544@warwicksu.com


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