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Warwick Skate

Warwick Skate

Warwick skate is for skaterboraders by skateboarders, all people of all levels. Come shred our local parks in leamington or piazza or just come to chill in a friendly and fun environment. Find us on ista @warwickskate and message us to b added to the groupchat.

NAH we don't do your scooters,rollerblades,longbords,heelies,penny boards or poser asses: get a proper skateboard and come have some fun

YEH we sometimes sell some ok merch

NAH the su doesn't give us any P so they can go s.... (we gon keep it PC)

Don't b stoopid, join the most real society on campus. NO sign up fee, NO snakes, NO BS and No clue whats going on most of the time ... but we do know its lit. 

Also we do a cool holiday to barcelona so yeh thats some good stuff

Anyway if you had enough free time to read to the bottom of this you deffo have enough time to go skate

Phelper for ever

its literally a free society just do ur thing already 





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