Venue/Room Booking

There are three different types of venue:

  • SU Venues
  • The Piazza outside Rootes Building
  • University Rooms and Spaces
  • Third-Party Venues

The type of space dictates the method of booking, and the terms and conditions that apply to its use.

University Rooms & Spaces

The SU have no control over or involvement in bookings for University rooms and spaces - apart from the Flexigrid.

You need to contact the University's Central Timetabling Office to book:

  • Piazza
  • Oculus
  • Main Campus rooms
  • Westwood Campus rooms
  • Gibbet Hill Campus rooms

If you want to use the space in front of any building, permission should be sought from the team or department who are based within that building.

Booking the Flexigrid

The Flexigrid is the one University space that can be booked through the SU.

To make your booking simply email your Societies Coordinator, or, stating both the date and the times you want use of the space.

Your Coordinator will confirm when a booking is finalised.

Guidelines for use of the Flexigrid:

  • In the event of any Society needing to move any other furniture – this needs to be returned to its original location at the end of the period of use
  • No audio visual equipment is provided within the space
  • Each Society is responsible for removing all rubbish at the end of their event
  • Societies are not able to provide any food or alcohol within the space regardless of whether this is for sale or being provided to guests free of charge
  • All Societies should vacate the building by 10pm latest
  • The space will be unavailable on certain days / evenings due to prior bookings for University events or Conference Events (this requirement may change at the last minute and such bookings will take priority)
  • Societies will not have exclusive use of the space. Where appropriate, several societies may use the space at the same time and the space will remain available for students to use as a study area if required. This decision will be made by the Societies Officer.
  • The space is not available during University Vacation periods
  • Any damage to any equipment within the space will be charged to the Society
  • Any electrical equipment brought into the space will require relevant PAT testing certification