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Record Evidence - Employability Tracking

We encourage you to start the process of evidence recording to foster your growth and help you get the most out of the employability process. We've developed a downloadable employability tracker to help you break activities down into their employability elements, to record evidence of your employability.

In updating the document, you will develop a process of evidence recording which will support future applications, interviews, and your growth in skills. You'll enhance your employability awareness (ability to recognise skills in the real world), and take practical actions towards a rewarding future.

Employability Tracker: Download Here

Download the tracker here

Now let us walk you through evidence recording using the Employability Tracker. For a video companion guide to our Employability Tracker, please find the training video below.

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Evidence Recording: Training Series

Download the tracker, read through the document and watch the companion video. Follow the action steps contained within the tracker document, and you're on your way to employability confidence.

Understanding the principles outlined in the employability tracker document form the foundation of evidence recording. However, there are a range of methods you can explore to take advantage of evidence recording. Choose a system which will work best for you!

We've created online training videos to walk you through the evidence recording process from the absolute beginning, and to help you find an evidence recording system which will work best for you.

How To Record Evidence Using....LinkedIn

If you have any questions on using the employabiliity tracker or would like advice/training on making it work for you, please email employability@warwicksu.com

3 Simple Actions For Big Benefits

When we capture our skills, training and experience, we take practical action towards the next steps in our career journey. You've began to understand our Employability offer. We now ask you to take the following 3 actions:

  1. Find: Search through the opportunities outlined in the Opportunities section.

  2. Get Involved: Set aside time to engage in employability related activities that will develop you and build your skills, experience, and training.  

  3. Record Evidence: You can edit the employability tracker on your computer or device, or print off multiple copies of the document and add to it as often as you like. Or, you can use one of the tools covered in our online trainings. Set aside some time to engage in evidence recording. There’s no pressure for you to have gained new skills, experience or training in the time between updates. Just be conscious of your progress, embed the process in your University life, and move forward!