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Build Your Future, Now

"Supporting our students to understand how the experiences and skills they gain through their SU engagement are both highly relevant and advantageous to their future working lives."
Our Mission

What We Offer

Are you struggling to get started thinking about your career? Maybe you know how important building your employability is, but can’t find the time? If so, put your concerns aside. With 3,318 opportunities on offer, Warwick SU is a great place to begin your journey.

Here, we’ll give you the information you need in one easy to access location, show you how to apply it in a clear, structured way, and hopefully save you lots of time in the search for answers to give you a head start!

Student Learning

Employability’s Simpler Than You Think

If employability seems daunting, inaccessible or time-consuming, rest assured that it’s not. It can slip seamlessly into your student life and will pay dividends in the long run.

We will show you how to integrate the process into your University experience to really boost your employability and get the most benefit from your time at Warwick.

Put simply, employability relates to your ability to find and retain employment, as well as helping you to succeed when you are in your job. It’s about empowering yourself with the skills, experience and training that employers value by making you as employable as possible and opening doors.

The process of building your employability will benefit your development in the short as well as long term, helping you secure internships and work experience as well as helping you get graduate employment.

The process of building your employability facilitates all career pursuits, regardless of sector or type of work. Rather than being a cumbersome process, building your employability is simple and easy – you find opportunities, you structure them into your diary, and you record evidence. It’s that simple.

Making Employability Work for You

You can make the employability offer work for you from today by accessing a range of opportunities offered by the SU. 

You can begin to get involved in something that interests you, and there is something for everyone.

Once you've got involved in an opportunity, you can start translating the skills, experience and training you gain into recorded terms through our Employability Tracker, putting you in an advantageous position for building a rewarding career.

Opportunities within the SU are very flexible and enable you to balance participation with your studies.

Schedule in time each week to engage in activities that contribute towards your employability, follow the guidance outlined in the Employability Tracker in terms of evidence recording, and start your journey!

Alumni Case Studies

Rebecca Diez SU Alumni
Michael Kynaston SU Alumni
Ellie Martin SU Alumni