Impact Report: 2021-22 Term 3

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Term 3 2021-22 Impact Report

WSU 2021-22
Term 3
Impact Report

The final term of the academic year was a busy one here at your Students’ Union, with our Summer Elections, end-of-year parties and plenty of wellbeing events to support students throughout the exam season.

Read on for more details about the support, representation and social activities we delivered for the students of Warwick last term.


SU Advice Centre

We supported 463 students in Term 3, with issues across housing, money, academic complaints and disciplinaries.

Student feedback:

  • “I had an excellent experience. All my queries were answered, and I learned about the foodbank service.”
  • "The advice was very well researched and allowed us to make the best decisions with all the information in front of us. It also allowed us to feel like we could handle the situation ourselves.”
  • "Thank you for the service, please keep going. It is very helpful for international students who are not familiar with UK conventions!"
  •  “[The Advice Centre] supported me professionally but also with reference to my wellbeing and academic progress and I am indebted to them for their help. They are a credit to the university.
  • "During my difficulties with unfit accommodation and unfair landlords, I felt so supported to secure my mitigation case. Without this support, my case would not have been substantiated, and my grades would have suffered.”

This term, we delivered 2 ‘Academic Talks’ on Instagram Live with the incoming Education Officer, Chih-Hsiang Lo, to help students navigate submitting Mitigating Circumstances and Academic Appeals, and to find out how the SU Advice Centre can support them in doing so.



Summer Elections

We held our annual Summer Elections to elect your 2022-23 Faculty Reps and a number of Committee positions. We had:

  • 782 individual voters
  • 4,105 total votes

Chair and Deputy Chair of Council

Thanks to your votes, we also elected our Chair and Deputy Chair of Council, who will be instrumental in acting for the interests of the students within our democratic activity as a Union. This includes Student Council, All Student Votes, Elections and more.

Company Law Meeting

Following our Company Law meeting, where students voted on our Special Resolution to amend our Articles of Association, the new Articles have passed (subject to Charity Commission approval) and will impact the way the SU is governed moving forward.



Our Part-Time Women’s Officer rolled out the #EndPeriodPoverty campaign in 10 bathrooms across campus, with 7,224 tampons and 5,016 pads ordered, dispensed by 5 volunteers in the #EPP working group. This was extended over the summer to offer packages of 2 months' period supplies to students struggling to afford products.

The #EPP feedback survey received 55 responses, including positive feedback and useful suggestions for next term. Naomi also presented the talk 'Combatting Menstrual Stigma to Enhance Wellbeing and Inclusion' at the Warwick Inclusion Conference.

Pressure Drop

We hosted a number of wellbeing events to support students during exam season, which were an hour of fun to improve wellbeing and boost feelings of happiness. Students had the opportunity to design t-shirts, do a dance class and play with puppies!

These events were part of the SU’s Pressure Drop and Are You Ok? campaigns, as well as our commitment to tackle student loneliness and encourage connection with one another.

Across social media, we also posted support resources, Pressure Drop tips and blogs from students about coping with exam stress.

Party Smart

With exams coming to an end and festival season in full swing, we re-introduced our Party Smart campaign, with useful tips on how to safely party this summer.

Social Activities


  • 9,331 students went to POP!, and the final weeks of term sold out
  • We threw One Hell of a Juicy for the first time ever!
  • 1,600 students celebrated the end of their university experience at our Sports Ball and Grad Ball
  • Our wellbeing events to support students during exam season were a hit, with 80s/90s Aerobics, Steps with Styles (both in collaboration with Warwick Sport), T-Shirt Designing and Pets as Therapy!

Food and Drink Outlets

Warwick students had a great time eating and drinking at your SU. Between you, you enjoyed:

  • 350 Bread Oven baguette specials
  • 793 Curiositea drink specials
  • 480 Curiositea cake specials

The Terrace Bar saw the return of the popular Bus Stop promotion, with cheaper drinks for students. We also rolled out a brand-new summer menu at The Dirty Duck!

Sports Clubs

League Sport

  • 796 total games played – 796
  • 411 wins – 411
  • 41 draws – 41
  • 11 1st place league finishes
  • 14 2nd place league finishes
  • 14 promotions

Event Competitions

  • 60 events entered
  • 11 1st place finishes
  • 9 2nd place finishes
  • 15 3rd place finishes
  • 47 other top 10 finishes

BUCS Points

  • 1,877 BUCS Points Overall
  • 19th BUCS position out of 161 institutes



During Term 3, we made sure you were kept up-to-date about everything happening at the SU via our communications channels. Across the Term, we’ve seen:

  • 9,000+ students regularly reading our weekly e-newsletter with updates from the SU
  • 485,000 page views on the SU website
  • 846,000 impressions across our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • 1,000+ views across our first ever Instagram Live series on Academic Talks
  • 972 students entered our Term 3 ‘Your Union’ quiz, and Aina won a bundle of SU merch (including a hoodie, coffee cup, lanyard and Amazon voucher)


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