Staff and Associate Memberships

Sports Federation is made up of all the members of all sports clubs at Warwick SU. The majority of these members are current students. However, sometimes non-students may wish to join, and in most circumstances this is fine.

Whilst every application for associate membership will be considered in its own right, some common reasons for joining are listed below:

  • Recent Warwick graduates who were involved in a sports club whilst at Warwick and wish to continue this involvement
  • Friends of current sports club members who need to join the club for insurance reasons, such as to perform at a club-run event or to attend a trip or tour
  • University of Warwick or Warwick SU staff
  • In some cases, local residents

Every request for associate membership will need to be approved by the current President of the club the applicant wishes to join. Requests will then be considered by the Sports Officer and Sports Exec, and final approval comes from the Board of Trustees. If an application is unsuccessful the individual will, as far as possible, be given the reasons for this, but the Trustees’ decision is final.

Warwick Sport Membership

Associate members will also need to purchase Warwick Sport Silver membership in addition to the associate membership fees, this can be purchased here -

Prices for Associate Memberships

Associate members must first join Sports Federation before joining any clubs.

  • Students at a university or college other than Warwick: £39.50
  • Non-Students (including University staff): £39.50

How to Join as an Associate Member

  1. Create an account on the SU website.
  2. Fill out the form below.
  3. The Sports Officer will contact the President of the club you want to join. If they approve, the decision will go to the Sports Exec, and finally to the Board of Trustees.
  4. If all parties approve, your website account will be activated as an Associate Member, allowing you to join and pay for memberships either online or in person at SUHQ Reception

Elections and Exec

Associate Members are not able to run or vote in club elections; they cannot hold an exec post in a club.

Apply For Associate Membership

Please give the email your account is registered to.

For past students this should be your old University ID number

List the clubs here, seperated by a semi-colon.

And you're done! Click the submit button below to send your application. The Sports Officer will get in touch as soon as possible about your application.

If you have any queries, please email the Sports Officer.