How to Join Clubs

Sports Clubs are student-run and are a massive part of our sporting community with over 5,000 individual members joining each year! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, there’s definitely a club for you out there.

To join sports clubs you need to get the following memberships:

Warwick Sport

If you're joining any on-campus clubs, or a mix of off- and on-campus clubs, then you need to buy Warwick Sport membership. These include access to clubs alongside things like the swimming pool, gym climbing wall, leagues and more depending on which membership you purchase.

Alternatively, if you're only joining off-campus clubs and don't want access to any Warwick Sport facilities then you can just pay a £26 "Off-Campus Clubs Membership Fee" to the SU instead. You can pay this fee on the SU website here.

Sports Federation

Sports Federation and the Sports Exec oversee clubs in the SU. A large chunk of your £32 Sports Federation membership fee goes directly to clubs while the rest pays for things like insurance, staff support and banking and other admin costs. 

If you've not yet joined Sports Federation this year, you'll be prompted to add this to your basket when buying your club memberships.

Club Fees

After buying Warwick Sport membership (or paying the off-campus clubs fee) and Sports Federation, you can then join as many clubs as you like for £6 each. This goes directly to each club you join. You can find the list of clubs on our website and buy membership from each club's page. Current students should purchase the 'Standard' membership for each club.

Associate Memberships

If you are not a current student at Warwick, when you will need to join as an associate member of any clubs. This includes members of University staff. You can find out more about joining as an associate member here.

What’s the difference between an On Campus Club and an Off Campus Club?

Any club that has training sessions within any of Warwick Sport’s facilities is classed as an On Campus Club. In order to join them, Warwick Sport Membership is required which will give access to all club training sessions, matches and competitions.

Any club that does not use Warwick Sport facilities is classed as an Off Campus Club. Individuals who only join off campus clubs do not need to buy a Warwick Sport Membership to take part in club training sessions, matches and competitions off campus. Instead, a £26 "Off-Campus Clubs Membership Fee" is required to join, which will cover insurance, club support, free or subsidised access to BUCS competitions and club grants.