Rock Climbing is a sport for all abilities, sexes and dispositions. We run regular bouldering, trad and sport trips to all parts of the UK, including the Peak District, Wales and the South West. We have a Tour over Easter to a warmer climate, with past destinations including Sicily, Turkey, Sardinia and El Chorro. We also enter competitions with other universities and are starting our own (unofficial) Varsity with Coventry University this year! 

Taster Sessions run on Week 1 and 2 Wed 1-3 and Fri 4-6 and Week 2 Mon 4-6 The sessions are 40mins long, and we'll just introduce you to climbing to see if you like it. Come see us at sports fair to sign up or the link will be posted here soon!

For those of you who are absolutely positive climbing is amazing and you cannot wait to learn everything and anything about the sport (how could you not think this?) then Club Night is the place for you. Our Club Nights are Mondays and Fridays from 4-6, Wednesday 1-3, where more experienced members come to climb and exec are on hand to help teach newcomers how to climb. During this time equipment is free to hire, but you will have to be a member of the club to come along. University members gain access to the climbing wall at a discounted price if term/year passes are purchased. Join the club to receive e-mails about all our Trips and Socials.


WUCC Climbing Tour 2018-El Chorro, Spain
19th March midnight - 29th March midnight
El Chorro, Spain
Annual WUCC Climbing Tour to El Chorro, Spain!

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