Aikido has a past, present and future. To preserve training in the future requires the application now of the basic traditions of the past. The lineage of O-Sensei's tradition is preserved through physical training and the forms given to us by our own teacher. The etiquette of Aikido is such that the mutual respect within the dojo should be reflected in our path, and mutual respect for all human beings must be part of our practice. This is the spirit of O-Sensei's practice. Most people would agree that the civilised society is one which cares for its weakest members. This same spirit is essential in the dojo. Our dojo is lead by Chris Mooney Shihan a world renowned teacher with over 40 years of experience in Aikido. He studied and traveled with the eminent T.K Chiba Sensei and has one of the only full time dojos in the UK. The martial art tests and pushes the body in strength and stability. It drives the practioner to imporve themselves physically whilst cultivating them mentally; it ingrains in them a sense of responsibility to their body and self as well as that of those around both inside and outside the dojo. Martial arts is to trust another with your health and safety and to have others trust you, it is about having respect for those around you, it is about humility. Aikido is a martial art which incoporates as a principle precept the idea of harmony.

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