The Badminton Club provides an excellent opportunity to play in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Players can choose to play competitively or simply for leisure - with seven sessions a week, there is plenty of opportunity to improve general fitness and enhance your game. All shuttles are provided and if necessary, we can lend rackets to members at club sessions.

The club caters for complete beginners right through to those who play at a national standard. For beginners, we offer specific sessions in which you can learn the basics and develop your technique. For advanced players, we have 5 University teams (3 Men's and 2 Women's) who compete in BUCS, in addition to tournaments held every term to really test yourself against the best players on campus. And for everyone in between, our club sessions facilitate great games for the masses.

UWBC also has a lot to offer on the social side of things, holding socials every week that are sure to appeal to members of varying interests. 

Be sure to join our Facebook page and for more information, feel free to email us using the contact details below! 

What are you waiting for?! 


Badminton Budapest Tour
26th March 8:45am - 30th March 5:30pm
A 5 day trip to the capital of Hungary: great views, badminton, and a day at the spa - what more could you want?

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