Welcome to The Public Speaking Society at The University of Warwick. We were established in 2005 as Warwick Speakers and since, we have established a prominent presence in all facets of student life on campus.


Public speaking is one of the greatest fears that people commonly face. Our goal is to help our members embrace this fear and overcome it by not only teaching them but by providing them with an environment where they feel welcomed and confident to practice and improve their skills. We believe that in learning how to speak in public, one acquires multi-dimensional skillsets such as assertiveness, planning skills, teamwork, leadership skills, and the self-confidence to cope with pressure when tackling challenges that one may come across, be it in public speaking or otherwise. We seek to encourage our members to use their creativity, take risks, accept challenges, open up and learn with like-minded people.

The Popular Misconception: Speaking is a gift. No matter what I do, I cannot excel at it.
Speaking is not a gift but a skill. Just like any other skill, it can be honed, refined and improved through consistent practice. Every good speaker you meet today was once a poor speaker who started speaking - regularly. Hence, you have to start somewhere and we would be more than happy to provide you with a conducive environment and a supportive platform to do so.

How do we do this?

We host weekly regular sessions which consist of 2 parts: In the first part, we have a few interactive learning sessions. We have the ‘Word of the Day’ in which we introduce a new word to our members. Then, we have a 15 minute Masterclass session in which members get to learn a new public speaking technique or skill followed by a table topics session, a session of impromptu speeches where members can apply the newly learnt word and skill to practice by speaking on a randomly given topic for about 1-2 minutes. It is easily one of the most exciting and thrilling activities during the regular sessions!

The second part consists of speech slots, which provide members with the opportunity to deliver prepared speeches and get feedback on their performance from our mentors. It is also a great opportunity for our members to hone their public speaking skills and further improve on it. A detailed evaluation will be given by our mentors in the end, highlighting areas of strength and areas of improvement. Well you know what they say, feedback is the breakfast of champions!

At the end of the session, we reward the best speaker of the session. We aim to create a friendly, conducive and safe environment where our members feel comfortable enough to attempt and learn the art of public speaking.  

Other Events:

Besides that, we also host an array of special sessions which consists of open-mic nights, visiting other Public Speaking societies in neighbouring universities and hosting them to ours, exciting and fun end of term socials and last but not least, we organize internal and external public speaking competitions.  

To complement our sessions, we also run a free mentorship scheme where members are given one-to-one support and guidance, to help them develop as an orator as they come to our sessions.

All this and more awaits you every Tuesday from 7.15pm to 9.00pm in OC1.01, Oculus Building. Do not let the fear of public speaking hold you back from experiencing one of the most enjoyable experience on campus with us. 


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